Area Codes in Germany

Area codes of Germany assist to commute and communicate any-where in Germany.
Germany Codes consists of German zip codes or postal code of each region of the country, area code and Germany (German: Deutschlandkarte) country calling or phone code. German Zip Code is also known as Postleitzahlen or abbreviated as "PLZ" in the native language.

Technically, a Postleitzahlenor a German Zip Code is a five digit number consisting of the wider area that is placed on the thousandth position and the postal district that is replace the unit, tenth and hundredth positions. This system of writing Postal codes in Germany was introduced in 1 July 1993. Before the reunification of East and West Germany, there Postal Codes comprised of 4-digits only. Every house in Germany has a postal or a Zip code depending upon the respective region it belongs to.

The following are the Germany Codes of the different various regions:

  • Sachsen and Sachsen-Anhalt Region:
    • 01 for Region Dresden. Eg. Range includes 01001-01462
    • 02 for Region Bautzen. Eg. 02xxx
    • 04 for Region Leipzig Eg. 04xxx
    • 06 for Region Halle an der Saale/Dessau.
    • 08 for Region Zwickau
    • 09 for Region Chemnitz Eg. 09xxx
  • Berlin Area consists of Zip codes from 10115 - 14199
  • Brandenburg Region Zip codes range 01000 - 01999
  • Frankfurt and Surrounding Region Zip codes ranges 15201-15236
  • Mecklenburg-Vorpommern PLZ - 17000-17999
  • Hamburg Region lie within Zip codes 20000-20999
  • Schleswig-Holstein Region Zip codes - 21000-21999
  • Bremen Zip codes - 28000-28999
  • Niedersachsen Region have Zip code from 05000-05999
  • Thüringen Region have Zip codes 04000-04999
  • Nordrhein-Westfalen Region extends from 32000-32999
  • Rheinland-Pfalz Region lie within Zip codes 53000-53999
  • Hessen lie within Zip codes 35000-35999
  • Saarland lie within Zip codes 66000-66999
  • Baden-Württemberg Region have Zip codes 69000-69999
  • Bayern and Surrounding Regions have Zip codes 63000-63999
Germany Area Code or the German Vorwahl is the area calling codes of each town or city irrespective of its size. The Vorwahl is made of two to five digits, excluding the first zero. The zero is ommited while a telephone is made from an overseas country like India, Japan, U.S.A. or U.K. the initial "0" before the Area Code is dialed while a call is made from Germany but a different region. However, in case of local calls "0" is not needed.

Larger cities have a shorter Area Code and smaller cities and towns have an extended Area Code in Germany. Another feature of Germany Codes is that private telephones in bigger cities have longer dialing number usually seven to eight digits while smaller towns have only three or four digit private numbers.

The country Telephone Code of Germany is "+49" or "0049". International calls can only be made to Germany by using this Germany Codes number at the initial stage of dialing.

Last Updated on: November 18th, 2017