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Katia Map

Katia is a beautiful city in the country of Chad. It is located on the latitude 9.0000 and longitude 17.4667. On the other hand, the altitude of Katia is approximately 1381 feet and the time zone is UTC+1.
It is assumed that with the course of time it is gaining high popularity as a tourist destination. The key reason behind this is probably its enviable geographic location. Katia- a City in Chad is very near to the following towns and cities:
  • Dangtoli
  • Moussakaga
  • Koli
  • Gandou
  • Begue
  • Koumra
  • Goumboul
  • Gaboulo
  • Kademari
  • Maitama
  • Makaga
The cities are very beautiful. Tourists must check out these regions while traveling through Katia in Chad. The cities are loaded with various exciting tourist attractions.

Very often the tourists explore the entire country of Chad by making Katia a perfect base. There are certain things to see during a trip to Katia. In reality it offers such a delightful travel experience that it will always remain unforgettable. City of Katia is indeed a place of unspoilt beauty and charm.