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Bedok, Chad

by Aakash Singha

Bedok, being located on the lap of nature provides a panoramic view to international tourists. A trip to Bedok is an experience in itself.

Bedok is a beautiful city in the country of Chad. The geographic location of the city is at latitude 7.8833 and longitude 16.1333. On the other hand, the altitude of Bedok is approximately 1587 feet and the time zone is UTC+1.

There are several cities and towns that are situated very close to Bedok. Some of them are as follows:

  • Dolao
  • DBetoubi
  • DMadoc
  • DBedaya
  • DGamadji
  • DBimban-Guer
  • DDodang II

All these cities are very beautiful and loaded with exciting tourist attractions. Tourists must visit these cities while traveling to Bedok.

So a person can always explore the entire country by making Bedok an ideal base. Taking a flight one can always get into the place easily. The airport, which is very close to this place, is Moundou.

Bedok has recently experienced a boom in the tourism industry. There are lots of places to visit in the city of Bedok. So, it can definitely be said that a trip to Bedok, a City in Chad is indeed an experience in itself. It is in fact the perfect place to go if someone is on a holiday trip.

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