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Faya Map

Faya is the biggest city in the northern part of Chad. It is in fact the capital city of Bourkou-Ennedi-Tibesti region and covers an approximate population of 9,867.
Like most other cities, the City of Faya has a long historic past. Originally the place was named Faya. However, after the French Colonel Etienne Largeau, the town was renamed as Largeau. Again after the Chadian independence, it acquired the name Faya-Largeau. In 1975 Libya captured this town, which was recaptured by Hissene Habre's forces in the year 1980. Again in 1983, Libya retook Faya-Largeau and in 1987 retreated it.

The key industry of this remarkable place is agriculture. It is due to the availability of the extended underground water supply of the largest city of Chad. There are mainly three lakes adjacent north to the Faya-league. The transportation facility of this place also deserves mention. This wonderful town has an airport that has a paved runway.

Since throughout the year, millions of flights come over here, people don't have to face much difficulty to reach this picturesque town. So, if you are interested to visit Faya don't waste time to purchase air tickets at an affordable price rate. This is in fact the best possible way to get into the place.