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Cameroon Tennis

by Vishul Malik

Cameroon Tennis though a popular game, has never been able to cross national borders. Tennis is an integral part of Cameroon sports.

Cameroon Tennis though is a popular game within the country, it has never been able to cross national borders. The sport is played and practiced not only by the people of the country but also by the tourists who visit Cameroon. Tennis is thus an integral part of Cameroon sports.

Most of the resorts have tennis courts and Cameroon Tennis is played more as a leisure game than as a competitive sport. The tennis team of Cameroon constitutes of only one team, the Cameroon Davis Cup Team, which participated in the Davis Cup tennis championship.

Besides the Davis Cup Team, Cameroon does not have any tennis team capable to perform in the arena of international tennis. Cameroon tennis is controlled and governed by the Cameroon Federation of Tennis. This is the body that runs the teams and tennis associations and local tennis clubs in Cameroon.

Over the years, Cameroon Tennis has developed as a popular sport within the country. But this sport does not feature in world sports. In the area of Cameroon tennis is therefore limited and the people indulge in this sport as a leisure game.

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