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Algeria Flag

by Aakash Singha

The national flag of Algeria was adopted on July 3, 1962. The flag consists of a red star and crescent centered on a vertical bicolor of green and white.

Algeria Flag


Algeria is a country in northern Africa. This African nation adopted its national flag on July 3, 1962, after Algeria achieved independence from France.

The national flag of Algeria consists of two equal vertical bars, green and white. In the center of the flag is a red star and crescent. Each color has a symbolic meaning. The white color represents peace and honesty; the green stands for the beauty of nature, hope, and joy; red for the blood of those killed fighting for independence in the Algerian War (1954 to 1962). The green on the Algerian flag is also a traditional symbol of the state religion of Islam.

Blank Algeria Flag

Download Picture of Blank Algeria Flag For Kids to Color

The star and crescent also denote facets of the religion Islam. View other flags of countries with Star & Crescent

Facts about Algeria flag

Country Algeria
Designed by NA
Adopted 3 July 1962, 27 June 1963 (amended in 1995)
Revision NA
Design and Colors A red star and crescent centered on a vertical bicolor of green and white.
Size Ratio 2:3


Facts about Algeria

Official Name: People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria
Proportion: 2:3
Adopted on: July 3, 1962
Location: Maghreb region of Northwest Africa
Capital City: Algiers
Major Cities: Constantine, Batna, Khenchela, El Oued
Area: 919,595 square miles
Population: 37,100,000
Currency: Algerian dinar (DZD)
Official Language: Arabic
National Anthem: “Kassaman”
National symbol(s): star and crescent, fennec fox
National colors: green, white, red
National anthem:
Name: “Kassaman” (We Pledge)
Lyrics/music: Mufdi ZAKARIAH/Mohamed FAWZI

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