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Longest Rivers in the World

World Map shows location of top ten longest rivers by length in Kilometers. While Nile River is the longest river on earth with length of 6,695 km. and number two is Amazon River with 6,516 km.

Map of top ten Longest Rivers in the World
Description : Map shows top 10 longest rivers in the world. Disclaimer

List of Longest Rivers in the World

RiverLength (Km)Empty in
Nile River6,695Mediterranean Sea
Amazon River6,516Atlantic Ocean
Yangtze River6,380East China Sea
Mississippi-Missouri River6,275Gulf of Mexico
Yenisei - Angara - Selenge5,539Kara Sea
Huang He (Yellow River)5,464Bohai Sea
Ob - Irtysh5,410Gulf of Ob
Parana River4,880South Atlantic Ocean
Congo River4,700Atlantic Ocean
Amur - Argun4,444Strait of Tartary

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Last Updated on: March 4, 2016

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