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Country with Longest Coastline

by Vishul Malik

Canada has the longest coastline in the world, with a length of approximately 202,080 kilometers (125,567 miles).

Countries with longest coastline

A coastline refers to the boundary where land meets the sea, and it is one of the most defining features of any country’s geography. Some countries have a vast coastline that stretches for thousands of kilometers, while others have relatively shorter coastlines.

Let’s take a closer look at the top 10 countries with longest coastline:

Top 10 Countries with Longest Coastline

Rank Country Coastline Length (km) Coastline Length (mi) About Coastline
1. Canada 202,080 125,567 Canada has the world’s longest coastline and is bordered by three oceans: the Arctic, Atlantic, and Pacific.
2. Indonesia 54,716 33,999 Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelagic state, and has a coastline bordered by the Indian and Pacific Oceans.
3. Russia 37,653 23,396 Russia’s coastline is bordered by the Arctic, Pacific, and Atlantic Oceans.
4. Philippines 36,289 22,549 The Philippines border the Pacific Ocean and is made up of over 7,000 islands.
5. Japan 29,751 18,486 Japan has a coastline bordered by the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of Japan, and the Sea of Okhotsk.
6. Australia 25,760 16,009 Australia’s coastline is bordered by the Indian, Pacific, and Southern Oceans.
9. Norway 25,148 15,626 Norway’s coastline is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean.
7. USA 19,924 12,380 The United States coastline is bordered by the Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, and Gulf of Mexico.
8. China 14,500 9,010 China’s coastline borders the Yellow, East China, South China, Bohai, Huanghai, and Taiwan Strait.
10. New Zealand 15,134 9,404 New Zealand’s coastline borders the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean.


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