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Top Ten Countries with Highest FDI

World Map shows location of Top Ten Countries with Highest Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) Stock in Million US$ across the world. United States with Million US$3,451,405 has the highest FDI stock followed by United Kingdom and France.

World Map with Top Ten Countries with Highest FDI USA Map Canada Map Brazil Map Belgium Map Germany Map France Map Spain Map China Map UK Map - United Kingdom Australia Map

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Description: World map showing the top ten Countries by Highest FDI Stock in Million US$. Disclaimer

Foreign direct investment (FDI) is the net inflows of investment in an organization that operates in an economy other than that of the investor.

The world map with top ten countries with highest FDI shows the location of the countries that have the highest foreign direct investment(FDI) stock in million US$ across the world.

As the map shows, United States has the highest FDI of million US$3,451,405. United Kingdom ranks second followed by France, Germany, Belgium, and Spain.

Top Ten Countries with Highest FDI
Country FDI Stock in Million US$ (Inward) 2010
United States 3,451,405
United Kingdom 1,086,143
France 1,008,378
Germany 674,217
Belgium 670,013
Spain 614,473
China 578,818
Canada 561,111
Australia 508,123
Brazil 472,597
Source: UNCTAD 2010

Top 10 Countries with Highest FDI

RankCountryFDI (millions of USD)
1United States2093058
2United Kingdom1347688
3Hong Kong1184471

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