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Where is Syria

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Description : Map showing where is Syria located in the World. Disclaimer

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Syria is located in the Middle East, and is part of Southwestern Asia. Syria has coastline along the eastern Mediterranean Sea, just below Turkey. The nations that border Syria include Turkey to its north, Lebanon to the west, Israel to the southwest and Jordan to the south, and Iraq to the east. The island of Cyprus is located just off the coast of Syria in the Mediterranean Sea.

Because of Syria's location between the Mediterranean Sea and the Arabian Peninsula, the nation has major variations in its climate, ranging from the humid Mediterranean coastal region to the desert lands and mountain ranges, and the Euphrates Valley.

The location of Syria has also been a factor in making Syria an important global nation, with its proximity to nations such as Israel and Iraq, which have held much prominence in world current events. In recent years, Syria became a refuge for many Afghans and Iraqis fleeing their war-torn countries.

The country of Syria is in the Asia continent and the latitude and longitude for the country are 34.8545° N, 37.0261° E.

The neighboring countries of Syria are:
  1. Iraq
  2. Israel
  3. Jordan
Maritime Boundaries
  1. Cyprus
  2. Northern Cyprus


Last Updated : August 29, 2013