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Syria Geography

Syria Geography offers an overview of the complete topographical features, climate, soil, natural vegetation and other related information about the country. As a Southwest Asian country, Syria is situated between Turkey and Lebanon, surrounded the blue waters of the Mediterranean. In fact, Syria Geography with its strategic location, made the country the trading hub among several Middle-Eastern and Arabian countries.

The total land area of Syria is made up of highlands, plain lands and vast stretches of arid deserts. A thin coastal region also exists within the country, surrounded by double mountains and having a depression towards the west. Syria Geography also comprises a relatively large plateau on the eastern part of the country.

Syria Geography has Nusayriyah Mountains, comparatively lower in height, rising only 1,212 meters above sea level.

However, its highest summit Nabi Yunis, is about 1,575 meters high. Towards the interiors of Syrian mainland in the south, the Anti-Lebanon Mountains and Mount Hermon rise 2,700 meters on the Syrian-Lebanese frontier.

The eastern plateau region in Syria Geography is intersected by a low mountain chain, the Jabal Abu Rujmayn, Jabal Bishri and Jabal ar Ruwaq. The Hamad desert area lies to the south of these chains of mountain.

Syrian coastal region stretches from the borders of Turkey to Lebanese land. Covered with sand dunes all over, this flat landscape is broken due to the promontories running sideways down from the mountains to the seas.

Contrast climatic condition is the striking feature of Syria Geography. The national climate is characterized by a unique combination of desert and the sea. Rainfall is more or less sufficient here during November and May, with an annual precipitation varying between 75 and 100 centimeters. However, as one proceeds towards the south, rainfall gradually decreases and fades away totally, giving birth to the barren deserts. In fact, Syria Geography is a combination of all major topographical and weather features possible on the land.

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