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Field Events at Olympics

Field Events at Olympics constitute of events that are played by men and women outdoors. Events like long jump, high jump, triple high jump, shot put for men and women, javelin throw, hammer throw and discus, pole vault, all these games form a part of the Summer Games events. All these track events make the Summer Games special and give it a touch of uniqueness since Olympics is the only sports event which has space for every type of sport. Players from various nationalities participate in these games which have been a part of the Olympics right from its inception.

The Field events at Olympics are:

  • Long Jump - This is a popular event at the Olympics. In this sport a player has to jump as long as possible. Both men and women take part in this.
  • The Triple Jump - Again both men and women can appear in this game, which was incorporated in the Olympics from its inception in 1896. More like the long jump, this sport requires the player to jump in three steps. The first time he has to hop, followed by landing on the second foot and finally landing on the starting foot.
  • High Jump - A player has to jump as high as possible from the starting point over a horizontal bar without taking any support from any other device. Flexibility and speed are prerequisites to this game.
  • Shot Put - A heavy metal ball is thrown by the contestants. The greater the distance the most points the player accumulates.
  • Discus Throw - It is one of the oldest games practiced on earth. A lens shaped disc is thrown by the players which is made of heavy metal and bordered by wood, rubber and plastic. The women's event started in 1914.
  • Hammer Throw - This is a steel ball throwing event enrolled under the Athletics category wherein the players need to throw the steel ball by grasping the grip.
  • Javelin Throw - This is another field event in which the javelin has to be thrown by the players from a specific point on the ground. The javelin is made of metal or fiber glass.
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    Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt arrives in Rio

    Usain Bolt, the Jamaican sprinter superstar has landed in Rio de Janeiro ahead of the Olympic Games. He is a world record holder in the 100m and 200m and completed in the Anniversary Games last week itself. On his arrival, Bolt was greeted by media and airport staff and members of the public. On the airport, he was also found posing for photos with fans. 

    Ryan Lochte gains relay spot in 200m freestyle

    Even after failing to qualify for the individual spot in the men’s 200m individual freestyle at US Olympic Swimming Trials, Ryan Lochte has been successful in earning relay spot in the 200m freestyle for the upcoming Rio 2016 Olympic Games. In addition to this, Townley Haas has also won to punch his ticket to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.  

    Number of Banned Russian Athletes Increased at the Rio Olympics 2016

    A total of 37 Russian athletes have been suspended this week from competing at the 2016 Olympics. On Monday, seven swimmers and three rowers were banned, which was followed with the banning of eight athletes across canoeing, sailing and modern pentathlon on Tuesday. Rulings have been made by the governing bodies following the damning of the World Anti-Doping Agency into the state-sponsored doping.

    Australia's Women's Rowing Eight Crew Heading to Rio

    Australia's women's rowing eight crew has received confirmation of being part of the Rio Olympics 2016, which is going to start from August 5 The Australian team is going to have 212 women and 202 men, which shows that for the first time women are going to outnumber men. Silver medalist of London Olympics, Jessica Fox has mentioned that “she is thrilled for the rowers”.

    Roger Federer Out of Rio Olympics 2016 Due to Knee Injury

    On Tuesday, Switzerland's 17 times grand slam winner Roger Federer announced that he will not be a part of the rest of the 2016 Rio Olympics season. Federer received a knee surgery earlier this year, and because of which his doctor has advised him to take some more time so that the body can recover.

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