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French Polynesia Map

Political Map of French Polynesia

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Description: French Polynesia Map features the international boundary with all the islands, national capital and other important cities. Disclaimer

French Polynesia is an overseas country forming part of the French Republic. It covers a total area of 1,609 square miles and is home to an estimated 267,000 people.

Papeete is the capital of French Polynesia. It is the administrative, cultural, economic, and industrial center of French Polynesia.
French Polynesia was first explored by the 1521 by the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan who sighted Pukapuka in the Tuamotu-Gambier Archipelago. Thereafter, explorations continued by the Dutch, British, and French explorers. In 1889, the French protectorate was established and all the islands were officially united. A governor and a general council was appointed for the proper administration of the country.

By the turn of the twentieth century in 1903 the general council was changed to an advisory council. In 1946, France granted citizenship to the Polynesians and the region became an overseas territory.

Twenty one years later, internal autonomy was granted to French Polynesia. It was only in 2004 that the region became a full overseas collectivity of France.

The governance of French Polynesia takes place in a framework of a parliamentary representative democratic where the President is the head of government.

The economy of the country is mainly dependent on financial aid from France. Agriculture and natural resources found in the region help boost the nation’s economy. The picturesque scenery of the region has helped tourism grow. Tahiti, Moorea, Bora-Bora, North Tuamotu Archipelago, Clipperton Island, and Austral Islands are the major tourist destinations in French Polynesia.

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