France's Weather varies a lot in different parts of the country owing to its four climatic zones. Learn here more about the country's weather.

Weather in France

Weather in France varies a lot in different parts of the country owing to its four climatic zones. These climatic zones are the temperate, maritime climate of the West, the continental climate in the interior of the country, the mountainous climate in the Alps, and the Mediterranean climate of the area bordering the Mediterranean Sea. The diverse weather conditions in France are the result of the interplay of these different climatic conditions.

Western France thus has cool summers and pleasant winters. Rains occur on almost 180 days of the year. Brest is the place that perfectly exhibits this particular type of weather condition with the temperature in January dipping to 7 degrees Celsius and rising to 16 degrees in July. The central part of the country experiences hotter summers and severe winters and rare rainfalls. Paris, situated in the heartland of the country goes through 2 degree Celsius in January and the mercury soars to 18 degrees in July. The mountainous region of the Alps suffers from long, biting winters with frequent snowfall common at the higher altitudes. Many places in the region experience 50 days of rainfall. Briancon in the Alps has an average temperature of 2 degrees and 17 degrees in January and July respectively. Mediterranean Climate reigns over an area bordering the Mediterranean Sea with a width of 50-60 km. The region witnesses hot and dry summers and cold and humid winters with very rare instances of rainfall. In Marseille, the mean temperatures of January and July are 7 degrees and 23 degrees respectively.

Paris, the capital of the country, lies in the central region of the country and is the place that receives the minimum rainfall in the country. As Paris is situated between Brittany and Alsace, the weather in Paris is influenced by the weather of both of the regions. Rainfall can occur at any time of the year, but it is the place that receives the minimum rainfall. Although the city’s average temperature is 12 degrees Celsius it can have severe winters and intolerable summers.

The weather conditions throughout the country of France differ from its Northern boundary to the Southern part, Eastern borders to the West So, so it is very difficult to forecast anything called French Weather.

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