Tour de France Map

Tour de France Map
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The Tour de France or the Le Tour de France is a multi-stage bicycle race held annually in France and other neighboring countries. Since the first time in 1903, this renowned sports event is organized every year by the Amaury Sports Organization. Primarily a French sports event, it has gained prominence through the years and has gained over participants across the world.

The Tour de France was held in 1903 for the first-time ever in an attempt to increase the sales of a magazine L’Auto, now owned by the Amaury Sports Organization. The race takes place every year without fail, except that it was canceled during the two world wars. The event is mainly held in the month of July.

Stages of the Race
The format of the race has stayed the same since more than 100 years of its inception, though the route of the race has changed over the years. Traditionally, the race went through the Pyrenees and the Alps mountains, and finished on the Champs-Élysées in Paris, France. Today, the Tour de France is a 23-day long event, which has 21 stages, covering a distance of around 3,500 km. The race is known to take place alternately on clockwise and anti-clockwise circuits of France.

With nine riders in each team, the number of teams is usually from 20 to 22.

The race is timed from the starting line up to the finishing line, where a rider's time is calculated on the basis of the time taken in all the stages. The winning yellow jersey is awarded to the rider with the lowest average time.

Alongside the main event, other contests also take place in the Tour, such as the mountains classification for climbers, young rider classification for riders under 26 years, or the team classification for the best teams.

Tour de France 2014
The 101th Tour de France that began on 5 July 2014 will continue till 27 July 2014. It consists of 21 stages and shall cover a total distance of 3,664 kilometers. The race consists of nine flat stages, five hill stages, six mountain stages with five altitude finishes, one individual time trial stage, and two rest days.

Major Cities
Leeds, West Yorkshire in the UK is the city, which marks as the starting point of the race, while Champs-Élysées in Paris is the finishing point. The initial three stages of the race took place in the United Kingdom. The third stage of the race was from Cambridge to London in the UK, after which the contest returned to France at Le Touquet-Paris-Plage, after taking a flight.

Though most of the race takes place in mainland France, this year the race will also go through Belgium and Spain. The fifth stage of the race took place from Ypres in Belgium to Arenberg Porte du Hainaut, Northern France.

In the 20th stage of the Individual time trial (ITT), where the individual races lone 'against the clock' on a rolling or flat terrain, the race will take place from Bergerac to Périgueux. The 21st and the final stage of the contest will be from Évry to Champs-Élysées in Paris.

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List of Tour de France winners
TourYear Winner Country Sponsor/Team Distance Time/Points Stage wins
1002013Chris FroomeUnited KingdomTeam Sky2,115 mi)83h 56' 20"3
992012Bradley WigginsUnited KingdomTeam Sky2,172 mi)87h 34' 47"2
982011Cadel EvansAustraliaBMC Racing Team2,130 mi)86h 12' 22"1
972010Andy SchleckLuxembourgTeam Saxo Bank2,263 mi)91h 59' 27"2
962009Alberto ContadorSpainAstana2,149 mi)85h 48' 35"2
952008Carlos SastreSpainTeam CSC2,211 mi)87h 52' 52"1
942007Alberto ContadorSpainDiscovery Channel2,220 mi)91h 00' 26"1
932006Óscar PereiroSpainCaisse d'Epargne-Illes Balears2,272 mi)89h 40' 27"0
922005Lance ArmstrongUnited StatesDiscovery Channel2,233 mi)86h 15' 02"1
912004Lance ArmstrongUnited StatesUS Postal2,107 mi)83h 36' 02"5
902003Lance ArmstrongUnited StatesUS Postal2,129 mi)83h 41' 12"1
892002Lance ArmstrongUnited StatesUS Postal2,033 mi)82h 05' 12"4
882001Lance ArmstrongUnited StatesUS Postal2,149 mi)86h 17' 28"4
872000Lance ArmstrongUnited StatesUS Postal2,275 mi)92h 33' 08"1
861999Lance ArmstrongUnited StatesUS Postal2,291 mi)91h 32' 16"4
851998Marco PantaniItalyMercatone Uno-Bianchi2,408 mi)92h 49' 46"2
841997Jan UllrichGermanyTeam Telekom2,450 mi)100h 30' 35"2
831996Bjarne RiisDenmarkTeam Telekom2,339 mi)95h 57' 16"2
821995Miguel IndurainSpainBanesto2,259 mi)92h 44' 59"2
811994Miguel IndurainSpainBanesto2,472 mi)103h 38' 38"1
801993Miguel IndurainSpainBanesto2,308 mi)95h 57' 09"2
791992Miguel IndurainSpainBanesto2,475 mi)100h 49' 30"3
781991Miguel IndurainSpainBanesto2,432 mi)101h 01' 20"2
771990Greg LeMondUnited StatesZ Vêtements2,177 mi)90h 43' 20"0
761989Greg LeMondUnited StatesADR Agrigel2,041 mi)87h 38' 35"3
751988Pedro DelgadoSpainReynolds2,042 mi)84h 27' 53"1
741987Stephen RocheIrelandCarrera Jeans-Vagabond2,629 mi)115h 27' 42"1
731986Greg LeMondUnited StatesLa Vie Claire2,544 mi)110h 35' 19"1
721985Bernard HinaultFranceLa Vie Claire2,553 mi)113h 24' 23"2
711984Laurent FignonFranceRenault–Elf–Gitane2,499 mi)112h 03' 40"5
701983Laurent FignonFranceRenault–Elf–Gitane2,367 mi)105h 07' 52"1
691982Bernard HinaultFranceRenault–Elf–Gitane2,179 mi)92h 08' 46"4
681981Bernard HinaultFranceRenault–Elf–Gitane2,332 mi)96h 19' 38"5
671980Joop ZoetemelkNetherlandsTI–Raleigh2,387 mi)109h 19' 14"2
661979Bernard HinaultdaggerFranceRenault–Elf–Gitane2,339 mi)103h 06' 50"7
651978Bernard HinaultFranceRenault–Elf–Gitane2,428 mi)108h 18' 00"3
641977Bernard ThévenetFrancePeugeot2,545 mi)115h 38' 30"1
631976Lucien Van ImpeBelgiumGitane–Campagnolo2,496 mi)116h 22' 23"1
621975Bernard ThévenetFrancePeugeot2,500 mi)114h 35' 31"2
611974Eddy MerckxBelgiumMolteni2,546 mi)116h 16' 58"8
601973Luis OcañaSpainBic2,540 mi)122h 25' 34"6
591972Eddy MerckxdaggerBelgiumMolteni2,390 mi)108h 17' 18"6
581971Eddy MerckxdaggerBelgiumMolteni2,242 mi)96h 45' 14"4
571970Eddy Merckx*BelgiumFaema2,643 mi)119h 31' 49"8
561969Eddy Merckxdouble-daggerBelgiumFaema2,558 mi)116h 16' 02"6
551968Jan JanssenNetherlandsSauvage–Lejeune2,791 mi)133h 49' 42"2
541967Roger PingeonFrancePeugeot–BP–Michelin2,970 mi)136h 53' 50"1
531966Lucien AimarFranceFord–Gitane2,690 mi)117h 34' 21"0
521965Felice GimondiItalySalvarani2,602 mi)116h 42' 06"3
511964Jacques AnquetilFranceSaint–Raphaël2,799 mi)127h 09' 44"4
501963Jacques AnquetilFranceSaint–Raphaël2,571 mi)113h 30' 05"4
491962Jacques AnquetilFranceSaint–Raphaël2,656 mi)114h 31' 54"2
481961Jacques AnquetilFranceFrance2,732 mi)122h 01' 33"2
471960Gastone NenciniItalyItaly2,593 mi)112h 08' 42"0
461959Federico Bahamontes*SpainSpain2,708 mi)123h 46' 45"1
451958Charly GaulLuxembourgLuxembourg2,684 mi)116h 59' 05"4
441957Jacques AnquetilFranceFrance2,901 mi)135h 44' 42"4
431956Roger WalkowiakFranceFrance2,795 mi)124h 01' 16"0
421955Louison BobetFranceFrance2,793 mi)130h 29' 26"2
411954Louison BobetFranceFrance2,893 mi)140h 06' 05"3
401953Louison BobetFranceFrance2,781 mi)129h 23' 25"2
391952Fausto Coppi*ItalyItaly3,043 mi)151h 57' 20"5
381951Hugo Koblet SwitzerlandSwitzerland2,910 mi)142h 20' 14"5
371950Ferdinand Kübler SwitzerlandSwitzerland2,966 mi)145h 36' 56"3
361949Fausto Coppi*ItalyItaly2,988 mi)149h 40' 49"3
351948Gino Bartali*ItalyItaly3,058 mi)147h 10' 36"7
341947Jean RobicFranceFrance2,884 mi)148h 11' 25"3
#1946 – 140not held due to World War II
331939Sylvère Maes*BelgiumBelgium2,625 mi)132h 03' 17"2
321938Gino Bartali*ItalyItaly2,917 mi)148h 29' 12"2
311937Roger LapébieFranceFrance2,743 mi)138h 58' 31"3
301936Sylvère MaesBelgiumBelgium2,760 mi)142h 47' 32"4
291935Romain MaesBelgiumBelgium2,696 mi)141h 23' 00"3
281934Antonin MagneFranceFrance2,780 mi)147h 13' 58"3
271933Georges SpeicherFranceFrance2,731 mi)147h 51' 37"3
261932André LeducqFranceFrance2,783 mi)154h 11' 49"6
251931Antonin MagneFranceFrance3,163 mi)177h 10' 03"1
241930André LeducqFranceAlcyon2,996 mi)172h 12' 16"2
231929Maurice De WaeleBelgiumAlcyon3,285 mi)186h 39' 15"1
221928Nicolas FrantzLuxembourgAlcyon3,403 mi)192h 48' 58"5
211927Nicolas FrantzLuxembourgAlcyon3,354 mi)198h 16' 42"3
201926Lucien BuysseBelgiumAutomoto3,570 mi)238h 44' 25"2
191925Ottavio BottecchiaItalyAutomoto3,380 mi)219h 10' 18"4
181924Ottavio BottecchiaItalyAutomoto3,371 mi)226h 18' 21"4
171923Henri PélissierFranceAutomoto3,347 mi)222h 15' 30"3
161922Firmin LambotBelgiumPeugeot3,340 mi)222h 08' 06"0
151921Léon ScieurBelgiumLa Sportive3,408 mi)221h 50' 26"2
141920Philippe ThysBelgiumLa Sportive3,419 mi)228h 36' 13"4
131919Firmin LambotBelgiumLa Sportive3,450 mi)231h 07' 15"1
#1918 – 1915not held due to World War I
121914Philippe ThysBelgiumPeugeot3,340 mi)200h 28' 48"1
111913Philippe ThysBelgiumPeugeot3,285 mi)197h 54' 00"1
101912Odile DefrayeBelgiumAlcyon3,286 mi)493
91911Gustave GarrigouFranceAlcyon3,320 mi)432
81910Octave LapizeFranceAlcyon2,942 mi)634
71909François FaberLuxembourgAlcyon2,795 mi)376
61908Lucien Petit-BretonFrancePeugeot2,794 mi)365
51907Lucien Petit-BretonFrancePeugeot2,789 mi)472
41906René PottierFrancePeugeot2,881 mi)315
31905Louis TrousselierFrancePeugeot–Wolber1,860 mi)355
21904Henri CornetFranceConte1,509 mi)96h 05' 55"1
11903Maurice GarinFranceLa Française1,509 mi)94h 33' 14"3

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