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Airports in West Virginia

by Vishul Malik

Yeager Airport is the major airport in the capital city, Charleston of West Virginia State in USA.

Airports in West Virginia


Airports in West Virginia
There are 37 airports in West Virginia for the public to use. The airports in West Virginia are well connected to many major cities in the USA. The West Virginia airports are customer-oriented in the services and facilities that they provide.

There are no international airports in West Virginia. The important regional airports in West Virginia are Raleigh County Memorial Airport at Beckley, the Yeager Airport at Charleston, the Harrison-Marion Regional Airport at Clarksburg, the Tri-State Airport at Huntington, the Greenbrier Valley Airport at Lewisburg, the Morgantown Municipal Airport and the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport at Parkersburg.

The Yeager Airport at Charleston is located on a hilltop that has a sharp drop-off on all sides and the construction of this airport was nothing short of an engineering marvel. The airport has many facilities and services to make traveling a smooth experience for its travelers. It has ATMs, many restaurants and smart-carts to make carrying the luggage easy. It also has a TDD phone for people with hearing disabilities. The airport offers hangars and is used often as a stopover by fliers. The airlines that serve at this airport are Continental Airlines, US Airways and Express, Delta Airlines, United Airlines and Northwest Airlines.

The Tri-State Airport at Huntington has a business center with many technological facilities and free wireless Internet. There is a conference center where audio-visual equipment is made available for the busy travelers who need to be on the job even when they are on the move. It also has a gift shop, a restaurant lounge, a coffee shop and a banquet room. The airlines that serve this airport are Delta Airlines that include Delta Connection (Atlantic Southeast Airlines) and Delta Connection (Comair) and US Airways (Express).

One can book the tickets to the above-mentioned airlines online at the sites of the respective airlines. The other important airports in West Virginia are at Elkins, Petersburg, and Bluefield.

List of Airports in West Virginia

Airport Name Airport Code City Coordinates
Yeager Airport CRW Charleston 38°22′33″N 081°35′35″W
North Central West Virginia Airport CKB Clarksburg 39°17′48″N 080°13′41″W
Tri-State Airport HTS Huntington 38°22′01″N 082°33′31″W
Greenbrier Valley Airport LWB Lewisburg 37°51′30″N 080°23′58″W
Morgantown Municipal Airport MGW Morgantown 39°38′34″N 079°54′59″W
Raleigh County Memorial Airport BKW Beckley 37°47′14″N 081°07′27″W
Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport PKB Parkersburg 39°20′42″N 081°26′22″W
Leon Airport Leon 38°42′13″N 081°57′08″W
Herron Airport New Cumberland 40°31′59″N 080°32′28″W
Boggs Field Spencer 38°49′26″N 081°20′56″W
Welch Municipal Airport Welch 37°25′00″N 081°31′44″W
Greater Cumberland Regional Airport CBE Wiley Ford / Cumberland, MD 39.615556, -78.760833

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