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North Dakota Topographic Map

by poonam bisht

The North Dakota Topographic Map clearly mentions the relief features of the state. The Central Plains cover the eastern part of the state, while the Great Plains lies in the western part of North Dakota.

North Dakota Topographic Map

The Red River Valley at 750 feet above the sea level is the lowest point of the state. Located in the eastern fringes of North Dakota, the Red River Valley was originally filled with waters from a glacial lake. The eastern region of North Dakota is covered with the Drift Prairie which is located at 1,300 to 1,600 feet height. Placed at an altitude of 400 feet, White Butte is the highest point of the state which is situated in the County of Slope in the southwestern part of the Missouri Plateau. The Missouri Escarpment divides the Drift Prairie from the Missouri Plateau. The Missouri Escarpment is located at a height of 400 feet and stretches from the northwestern end to the southeastern part. The State of North Dakota is drained by several rivers and lakes. Missouri River, James River and Red River are the important rivers of the state. The Red River flows in the northern part of North Dakota. The North Dakota State Map indicates the heterogeneous topography of the state.

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