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Culture of Tanzania

Tanzania culture is quite rich and has contributed a lot in the development and advancement of the country. The diversity of Tanzania culture appeals to a large number of people coming from distant areas across the globe. The various forms of Tanzania culture are language, painting, sculpture, national anthem, popular dance music and art.

The most important contribution towards the culture of Tanzania has been done by the language. More than 100 languages are spoken in this country. After the independence, the government of the country found it very difficult to administer. So it introduced Swahili language as the official language. The literature of Tanzania is no less enriched. Some eminent writers of Tanzanian literature are Shafi Adam Shafi, Chachage Seith Chachage, Amandina Lihamba, Edwin Semzaba,Penina Muhando Mlama and Euphrase Kezilahabi. "Mungu Ibariki Afrika" is the national Anthem of Tanzania, South Africa and Zimbabwe. The national Anthem helps in strengthening the unity among the people so that they can usher in an era of all round national development.

Makonde sculpture is quite famous in Tanzania and few noted Tanzanian painters are Stephen Ndebalema, Elias Jengo and Mohammad Raza. Among the painting styles, Tingatinga painting deserves mention. Bongoflava has represented the new genre of music in the country. Various music bands like Ottu and Sikinde are also much popular.