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7 Continents 7 Natural Wonders

Nature has an unparalleled ability to amaze us, as there are hundreds of natural wonders that make our jaws drop and hearts stop beating. Zeroing in on just seven wonders out of several hundred is courting controversy – it is tough. Uniqueness and top of mind recall were our prime movers as we worked our way through this maze. Every corner was lined with a wonderful surprise and was screaming “Drop me and you are dead!” We have survived:

  1. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa – World’s tallest freestanding mountain
  2. Mount Everest, Nepal, Asia – Highest point on Earth, 8,848 meters
  3. Altesch Glacier, Switzerland, Europe – 10,000 years old, largest and longest Alpine Glacier
  4. Amazon Basin, Brazil (40%) and French Guinea, Suriname, Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia, South America – Over 4 million square miles of rainforest
  5. Niagara Falls, Canada and the USA, North America –  3,788 feet wide,  the most spectacular natural border on Earth
  6. Great Barrier Reef, Australia, Continent of Australia – 2,900 individual reefs, 1,000 islets and countless expressions of disbelief at nature’s miracle.
  7. Antarctica, Continent of Antarctica – Coldest, driest and windiest place on Earth.


World’s Seven Continents Map :

1. Europe Map

2. Africa Map

3. South America Map

4. North America Map

5. Asia Map

6. Australia Continent Map

7. Antarctica Map

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