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Human civilization repays Mother Earth with a dried up Aral Sea

God created this Earth and human beings, making them the most intelligent of all the living organisms. Yet when they know their wrong doings, they make no attempt to save it, till the wrong is finally done and extra efforts are required to recover it….showing their concern for the mishap. Aral Sea is one of the classic examples of such ruthless human action. Just to the east of the Caspian Sea, Aral Sea lies between the countries of Kazakhstan and ....Read More →

Follow and Study Global Weather Conditions More Intently with Weather Maps

Follow and study global weather conditions more intently with Weather Maps! Climate change and melting glaciers have encouraged everyone to follow global weather conditions in greater detail. The World Weather Map is the place to visit to find a detailed overview of severe weather conditions such as hurricanes, cyclones, and other storms based on location. This map is most useful in predicting global weather, as you can always follow cloud formations, water vapor and other greenhouse effects. Studying weather through the ....Read More →

Do you know the Language of your Neighbor Country?

In this highly mobile world, people frequently make tour of the various countries with some of the purposes whether it is business or for leisure or any other purpose. Before going on a tour, people want to know something about the countries where they suppose to go; among all this necessary information, language is one of the most important information to know. Of course, it is not feasible to learn so many different languages merely for one or two ....Read More →

Experience the World in your own Language!

Generally, when people google "world map" or wish to purchase one, they would prefer the map be in their native language.  Until recently that was only wishful thinking. World maps in some of the most common languages such as German, French, and Spanish are available, but some other languages like Afrikaans, Swahili, Arabic, Thai and other languages spoken by merely thousands of people including Filipino, Finnish, Icelandic, Latvian,

Catalan, Korean are completely untouched; people who speak these ....Read More →

Learning world facts has never been easier!

Tired of mugging up facts about the world? So were we! After all, if you don't have fun while learning, what use is it? To make sure that the topic of general knowledge about the world no longer remains dry for anyone, we have developed World Quiz, a fun game that will enhance your knowledge about the world, and entertain you at the same time. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! So, what all can you do with ....Read More →

Countries and Associations

Ever wondered what our world would be if handful of associations vanish into thin air? San Francisco = Golden Gate Bridge New York = Statue of Liberty London = Big Ben Paris = Eiffel Tower Berlin = Wall of Berlin Egypt = Pyramids of Giza Africa = Wildlife Middle East = Oil India = Taj Mahal China = Great Wall of China Australia = Down Under The best thing about the above associations is that they are given, given across continents, nations and nationalities. However the most remarkable thing about these ....Read More →

Major Languages of the World

Language is no longer a barrier. All of us can cite numerous examples of how we have managed to get by without knowing the native language of the city, or at the very least we have all lived to tell the tale. Knowing the language of the land just makes our job a lot easier. It is certainly not necessary to be a linguist or a grammarian: basic spoken-language skills combined with exceptional vocational skills is a surefire recipe ....Read More →

Airports Trivia

Here are some interesting facts on Airports: What are the synonyms for "airport"? Aerodrome, airdrome, airstrip, airbase, airfield. Which is the oldest airport in the world?  The College Park Airport, established in 1909 by Wilbur Wright (Wright Brothers). It is located at the city of College Park, Prince Georges County in the state of Maryland, USA. The airport goes by the IATA code CGS. CGS is also the oldest serving airport in the world. How many airports are there in the ....Read More →

Most Windy City in the World

Chicago (IL, USA) is also known as the Windy City. Yes, it can be very windy in Chicago, but Chicago is not the most windy city in the world. Wind speed/velocity experts broadly agree that Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand, is the most windy city in the world. Wind speed is measured in kilometers per hour or miles per hour or knots per hour. It is the speed at which wind travels from point A to point ....Read More →

Receding Glaciers of the World

Discussions about  "Glaciers Receding" or "Retreat of the Glaciers"  or “Disappearance of Glaciers” consistently figure at the top of any list of man-made disasters. Every time a similar news story comes out, it sparks a debate about global warming and what little is being done to control it. Hundreds of glaciers in the world are receding, and some have disappeared completely. Also, there are many headed towards extinction. A glacier is considered to be receding when, year after year, it loses ....Read More →