Toyota Map

The city of Toyota located in the island of Honshu rose to international fame after it became the home to the internationally renowned automobile company. This company had become so famous that the original name of the city which was Koromo was changed to Toyota in the year 1959.
Detroit located in Michigan, United States is the sister city of Toyota as it is one of the other headquarters of Toyota company. The city of Koromo since the ancient times was famous for its silk trade and industry but in 1934 the city with the opening of the automobile industry expanded like never before. Though the economy and the entity of the city of Toyota was engulfed by the automobile company the agricultural fields in significant area still exists.

The city of Toyota initially was not that big a city but with continuous integration of small towns and villages has added up its size. In the second half of the 20th century the city officials declared the sunflower as the municipal flower of Toyota while the official tree was 'zelkova'. Due to its economic importance the city is well connected by the railway lines like "Pan-Aichi' and 'Toyota New Line'.

With the commencement of the new millennium the residents were gifted with the Toyota Stadium by the city officials. The two festivals which are celebrated in Toyota with great excitement are Sanage Matsuri and Koromo Matsuri. Tourists who want to visit this city can plan their trip during these festivals and while in Toyota the hot springs spas can be visited to rejuvenate ones life.

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Last Updated on: December 13th, 2017