Matsusaka Map

The newly formed city of Matsusaka is situated almost in the center of Mie Prefecture. On the east of Matsusaka is Ise Bay and on the west is the Daikou Mountain Range. On the south is Takigun village and river Kumozu lies on the northern border of the city.
The western part is completely mountainous with Kii, Takami and Daikou Mountain Range. The city was founded on February 1, 1933. In 2005, the surrounding areas of Ureshino, Mikumo, Linan and Litika were merged into Masusaka.

The climate of Matsusaka is typical of the Tokai region and can be described as mild throughout the year. The western part has more extreme differences in temperature and is away from the influence of the sea. The average temperature ranges between 14ºC to 16ºC. The average amount of precipitation is about 1500mm and is much higher in the mountainous areas.

The city of Matsusaka is famous for the world renowned "Matsusaka beef", which is produced from meticulous caring of Matsusaka cows. "Matsusaka cotton" is also high-quality fabricated cotton. A stroll down through the historical streets of the city gives a nostalgic feeling.

The City of Matsusaka hosts a lot of festival throughout the seasons every year. In summer "Matsusaka Gion Matsuri" is conducted which is participated by lots of men and women who dress in "Happi" coats carrying a "Mikoshi", a portable shrine. Although anyone can lend a shoulder in carrying the portable shrine, yet carriers of the "Mikoshi" are still being recruited every year. The "Kyoto Gion Matsuri" is also being celebrated as "Izawa Gion Matsuri", which was being celebrated since the "Genroku Era". The "Ujisato Matsuri" is a festival held in autumn to commemorate "Gamou Ujisato" a prince who founded "Matsusaka Castle"400 years ago.

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