Kumamoto Map

Kumamoto, the capital of Kumamoto Prefecture, is endowed with an exotic location in the western costal area of Kyushu. Kumamoto has an area of 265 square kilometers and it is home to approximately 660,000 people. In later part of 16 th century Kumamoto was proclaimed as governmental area of Higo.The present administrative infrastructure in Kumamoto was founded on April, the year of 1889.
The city of Kumamoto is bestowed with a number of Historic remnants. Kumamoto also boasts of many prestigious colleges and universities, names of some of which are as following:
  • Kyushu Lutheran College
  • Kumamoto University
  • Kumamoto Gakuen University
The city of Kumamoto is home to one of Japan's largest castle called'Kumamoto Castle'. Built by Kato Kyomasa the well equipped Kumamoto Castle is designed with a wonderful'Japanese Garden' on its yard. The reference of this celebrated castle of Kumamoto repeatedly occurs in several popular Japanese movies.

Other than the Kumamoto Castle there are many other attractions that can be explored in the city of Kumamoto. Some of these places are Kumamoto International Centre, Suizenji Koen Park and Jeffs World Bar.

An extensive array of dazzling hotels offers the holiday makers in Kumamoto top-notch accommodation as well as several vacation packages and sight-seeing tours. Some of the eminent hotels in Kumamoto are:
  • Hokke Club Kumamoto
  • Kumamoto Hotel Castle
  • Hotel New Otani Kumamoto
  • Tokyo Kumamoto Inn
  • Jr Kyushu Hotel Kumamoto
  • Resonate Club Kuju

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