Kariya Map

Kariya City is located in Aichi in Japan, with an area of 50.45 sq km. Kariya is shaped like a bird's wing. The northern area of Kariya has small hills and wooded areas.
Central Kariya is the main industrial and commercial area while Southern Kariya a rural area. The city is densely populated with a population of 141,364 and a population density is 2,712.39 persons per sq km. However the natural beauty of the region overshadows everything else and attracts both domestic and international tourism all year round.

Kariya is also famous as the home to the original Toyota company. The Toyota Motor Corporation is a subsidiary of the Toyodajidoshoki or the Toyoda Automatic Loom Works located here. Local attractions in Kariya :-

  • Kariya is famous for the Wild Rabbit Ear Irises which grow here in abundance. Tourists can visit the beautiful Kozutsumi-Nishi Pond where the purple irises grown in great numbers over an area of 20330 sq ms. The area has been designated as a national natural heritage site in 1938.

  • The Sobo Shrine in Higashizakai-cho is located near the ruins of the legendary Kamakura highway. Here visitors can see the remnants of an old Machiya, an old town house and an old Oku-machiya, an old town house.

  • Kariya Castle Ruins at the Kijo Park are a spectacular sight among the gardens of cherry trees. Kijo means turtle in Japanese. The beautful Castle was built in 1533 by Mizuno Tadamasa, the grandfather of Ieyasu, the Tokugawa Shogun. The main building known as the Honmaru and the Ninomaru, one of the secondary buildings are still standing. The Kijo Park is also famous for its cherry blossoms. The Park also contains a Japanese garden, a Juppo-tei, a playground for children and a traditional Japanese gymnasium. The Kijo Park also houses the famous marble bust of Toyoda Sakichi, established here in 1952, for his services to the city of Kariya.

  • Lady Odai, the famous mother of the shogun Ieyasu stayed at the Shinoki or Chinquapin Residence . The ruins of the elegant house, located near the Kariya Castle, got its name from the Chinquapin trees growing in abundance in the area. Today, the area has only a memorial flanked by Chinquapin trees.

  • Ryogon-ji Temple is a famous Zen temple, built in 1413 by Rizan, a famous priest who came from an illustrious family of Buddhist priests. The Temple was patronized by the Mizuno family who owned the Kariya Castle.

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