Map of Verona City, Italy

Verona city of Italy situated on the bank of Castel San Pietro. Other points of attraction include Verona Arena, Roman arena exterior and Porta Borsari.

Verona Italy remains in the heart of literature lovers owing to William Shakespeare's drama Romeo and Juliet. The setting of the plot of Romeo and Juliet is based on the city of Verona, the provincial capital in Veneto of Northern Italy.
Italy Verona is located in the bosom of Adige River near Lake Garda. There were frequent floods in Verona because of its positioning between waters. But the construction of Mori-Torbole tunnel has largely minimized the risk of floods.

UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) has recognized Verona in Italy as the world heritage site. The municipality of Verona takes well care in the preservation of the artistic heritage of Verona. Verona Italy has earned fame for its 139 meters long and 110 meters wide amphitheatre, the Arena. The gladiator games were held here which attracted global visitors. Though the gladiator games are not much in practice in the modern times, but the amphitheatre maintains its heritage value and holds fairs, public events, theatre and opera under the open sky during warm nights in summer.

The historical buildings like The Arco dei Gavi (Gavi Arch) of the 1 st cetury AD, Porta dei Borsari, an archway constructed in 3 rd century AD at the end of Corso Porta Borsari are well maintained in Verona Italy . Few age old constructions like Porta dei Leoni of the 1st century BC remain as a historical site though in ruined conditions.

The population of Verona Italy has though been always dominated by Italians, the recent rates of immigration from North Africa, Eastern Europe and South Asia has resulted in a mixed bag of culture in the city. The number of tourists visiting Verona is also quite big in number. A small airport adjacent to Verona and Milano-Venice train line has contributed in the communication to Verona.

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