Map of Venice City, Italy

Venice is a city in northern Italy situated on the bank of the Grand Canal. The city is renowned for the beauty of its setting, architecture and artworks.

The city is linked by canals. This place was set up by the sea farers and the Roman refugees. The city is the main hub of the Italian culture. St. Mark's Basilica is the famous tourist place.
This building was rebuilt in the 11 th century and a stunning structure was added to the main building. The interior is molded with mosaic. It has some statues of icons and horses. Venice is famous for the Doge's Palace, the official residence of the Venetian ruler. Beautiful Venetian bridges can be seen in Italy. Tourists don't miss the gondola ride.Speciality stores are famous in Italy. Pasta, ham and cheese are of the best quality .Euro is the currency of Italy. The stores and restaurants accept credit cards.

Venice is flooded with high waters in autumn and winter. Security measures are taken for the local people. When the tide is higher alternative routes are recommended to the pedestrians.

Piazza S.Marco is also known as the drawing room of the world. It has witnessed some of the significant religious and political events. The clock in the Clock Tower displays time in Roman numerals.

It also shows the phases of the moon and the Zodiacs. It guides the sailors by giving those signals about the tides. The clock was built by the Ranieri brothers .It is a tragedy that their eyes were destroyed to prevent them from making another piece.

Tourists come to Venice and enjoy traveling by boats.

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