Map of Taranto City, Italy

Taranto is considered to be a centre of Ancient art. The highly artistic coins were found in the archeological sites. Some of the other objects include gold and bronze produced goods.

Taranto is the main base of the Italian naval Force and is an important commercial port of Italy. Taranto is the third largest city of Southern Italy.

Today Taranto has good and developed industries of Steel and Iron, chemical works, food processing factories, oil refineries and shipyards which specialize in building war ships.

Taranto has a population of more than 201,349 inhabitants.

Taranto thrived as a center of art in the ancient period. Greek Pottery industry flourished during the 4 th century B.C. South Italian Greek vessels were made in Taranto and were often referred to as Apulia . Names of the Italian artists are no more found anywhere, therefore the artistic works and the workshops are nicknamed on the basis if the subject matter of the works. Some famous Apulian vase paintings are referred to as Lycurgus, Underworld, white Sakkos, Darius painter . The drawings made on the potteries are frilly and florid. Floral motifs were used in an ornate way. Roses, lilies, poppies, vines were often used as designs.

Taranto has also been the home town for many legendary figures. Great Italian composer Giovanni Paisiello was born in Taranto. Lysis of Tarentum is another major philosopher of the era, who was born in Taranto. Philolaus the great mathematician and also a philosopher was a native of Taranto, Italy.

In all, Taranto, Italy has a major significance in the world with its craftsmen and the laureate that the place has produced.

Last Updated on: December 4th, 2017