Map of Siena City, Italy

The historic site of Siena has been declared by UNESCO a World Ancestry Site. Siena is Popular for its horse race held twice in a year, art and museums.

Facts about Sienna
Founded 900–400 BC
Area118 km2
Lat Long Coordinates 43°19′07″N11°19′50″E
Time Zone UTC 1
Language Italian
Major Religion Christian (Roman Chatolics)
Point of interestPiazza del Campo
 Siena Cathedral
 Palio di Siena
 Palazzo Pubblico
 Torre del Mangia
 Romanesque-Gothic architecture

Famous for the most unique piazzas of the world, this city standing on three hills can also boast of the World famous Palio. Characterized by steep steps, winding alleys, olive groves and vineyards of Chianti, Siena,
Italy is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the country.

Though legends claim Senio and Ascanio, the sons of Remus to have founded the city, it was also claimed to be founded by Etruscans. Siena, Italy was once a Roman Colony by the name of Saena Julia. Being a collection of smaller towns and spread across three hills, Siena enjoys a pleasant climate and picturesque scenery. Being on uneven ground, most of the destination can be best covered on foot which provides for just the best things to quench the thirst of a wandering soul. Campo, the shell shaped focal point of the city, offers all necessities to tourist and travelers.

Siena, Italy is properly connected with cities like Florence and Firenze. Although traveling from other locations is also possible it becomes a little cumbersome. Bus services to and from the city are sufficient to keep the flow of tourists as well as others to the city. The other option is to take a car.

From Piazzas to medieval buildings, Siena offers everything to the tourists. The lack of too much traffic in the city further enhances the feeling of reverting back to the past. While at Siena, Italy do not miss out on the following monuments.

Piazza Del Compo : This unique shell shaped Piazza is a must visit while at Siena. The rather unconventional quadrangular fountain is an added feature.

Palazzo Pubblico & Torre Del Manga : This famous tower built in the 19 th century gives a spectacular view of the city and the countryside around. While the Palazzo built in the 13 th Century offers a wonderful experience of viewing Gothic architecture.

Duomo: A beautiful mix of Roman and Gothic architecture, this cathedral contains works by eminent artists and sculptors. The marble inlaid floor is one of the main attractive feature.

Santa Maria Della Scala: Now a museum, this was once a hospital. It currently contains frescoes, art pieces and hosts work of art.

Church of San Domenico: Preserving a golden cross by Sano di Pietro, this structure is a must see while at Siena.

Church of San Agostino: Hosting a whole range of art works by eminent artists, the unique feature of this church is a fresco done by Lorenzetti.

Remember not to miss the authentic Italian cuisine along with rich Italian wine sitting at plush as well as simple restaurants at the Piazza Del Compo. Other cuisines are also available in restaurants and eateries spread over the city. To wrap up, have a cup of coffee at one of the innumerable Cafés. And not to forget, leaving Siena, Italy without tasting 'dolce' would be a miss.

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