Map of Savona City, Italy

Savona is a beautiful city of Italy. One of the legendary site is church of Lady of Mercy. The interior is highly decorated by prominent architects and artists. Other tourist places include- Die Costa Magica, Der Hafen von etc.

Savona or Sàn-na in the local dialect is a seaport of the northern Italy. This region of Liguria is the capital of the Province of Savona, lying adjacent to the Riviera di Ponente on the Mediterranean Sea.
Comune di Savona headed by Federico Berruti, is a land area covering 65 square km. its total population is around 61,742 with a density of 921people per square km.

Some of the basic information on Savona :
  • Latitude: 44°18'N
  • Longitude: 8°29'E
  • Time Zone: Central European Time, i.e. GMT + 1 hour
  • Postal Code: 17100
  • Telephone code: 019
  • Subdivisions: 4
Dating back to the Second Punic War, Savona was also called the Roman Savo of the Ingauni according to Livy. The place had surpassed by prominence and importance during the Roman era. One of the most significant features of Savona is its harbor at Vada Sabatia (Vado). From here the road diverged across the Apennines to Placentia. In 1191 the commune of Savona became an independent territory, claims out its rule from the feudal lords, the marchesi Del Carretto. In 12th century the inhabitants of Savona also called the Savonese rebuilt a harbor by their own for commercial purpose. In 1746, Savona captured by the king of Sardinia, was reinstated by the introduction of Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle to the Genoa.

Some of the most remarkable places to visit when you go to Savona district of Italy :
  • Fortress of Priamar, on the "Promontorio del Priamar", near the Rocca di San Giorgio. Built by the Genoese in 1542, the structure comprise an old cathedral and old city.
  • Ghibelline Tower
  • Cappella Sistina or the Sistine Chapel, consisting of the tomb erected by the Della Rovere Pope Sixtus IV.
  • Fragmentary construction of Palazzo Della Rovere or Della Rovere Palace built by Cardinal Giulio della Rovere.
  • The towers of Corsi and Riario
  • The Campanassa, old Commune tower
  • Torre della Quarda, also named as "a Torretta" of Leone Pancaldo square.
  • The church of Nostra Signora di Castello
  • The Sanctuary of Nostra Signora della Misericordia
Savona is one of the chief regions of the Italian iron industry. There are numerous grounds rich in iron-works and foundries. Other industrial products include shipbuilding, brass foundry, engineering shops and railway workshops.

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