Map of Portofino City, Italy

Portofino is famous for an underwater put Statue of Christ of the Abyss, in the small bay at a depth of 17 metres. The purppose of placing this statue was to protect fishermen and scuba divers.

It was established by the Romans as a port and harbor and named the Port of the Dolphins on account of the large number of dolphins living in the local waters of the Tiguillian Gulf . Its natural harbor supported a
fleet of fishing boats and was cramped even in the middle ages. The statue of the Christ of the abyss was put under 17 metres of water to protect sailors, fishermen and scuba divers.

Location - The coordinates of this beautiful resort are 44°18'N, 9°12'E

Reaching there - Portofino, Italy can be easily reached by train, plane or of course, boat . The two nearest airports are Genoa and Pisa . Upon arrival at either airport, cars maybe rented to reach the area, or to the nearest train station. Traveling by car take the A12 autostrada (motorway) to get to the area. Portofino can be reached in the summer via boat from Genoa or Santa Margherita. Service by ferry begins operation in April of each year and goes on through September. There are regular trains to Santa Margherita Ligure.

Sightseeing - Apart from the very obvious natural charms of the place, Portofino, Italy has only one place of interest Church of San Gregorio .Activities could include relaxed walk through the incomparable historical coastal town centres, shopping at fashionable boutiques and craft shops, or enjoy yourself in the wonders of Ligurian art, landscape and gastronomy.

Accommodations - Portofino, Italy being a small resort mainly catering to the rich and the famous , still has numerous hotels of which many are of the one/two star category and hence can be considered as the cheapest of the lot.

Other features - Portofino, Italy is no stranger to glamor. In fact it has courted royalty both real and reel, in the shape of the honeymooning couple of Duke and Duchess of Windsor and Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor respectively. Hence tourism has come to supplant fishing and the waterside is covered with cafes.

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