Map of Palinuro City, Italy

Palinuro is bestowed with Blue Flag. It is popular amongst tourists, especially in summer, due to the cleanliness of its waters and beaches.

Palinuro Italy is a charming seaside resort on the Cilento coast. Palinuro is a jewel of a place in the midst of rugged hills and caves. The beauty of the city is present everywhere and overlooking the sea is the stunning landscape of Cilento coast.
The naturalistic beauty of Palinuro is a wonder: it is visible in the reflection of the sea, the rocky caves of thousand of different shapes formed due to the corrosion of sea and in pure and wild nature. Palinuro Italy is affluent in fossil remains of animals like lions, deer and bears, the origin of which can be traced back to thousands of years. Human fossils of the Neolithic age have also been discovered in Palinuro.

The pure and unpolluted wildness of the coast, the wide spread beached, the rough inlets and the exquisite bays and sea caves offer breathtaking views to the visitors. A boat trip to the adjacent capes allows the visitors to see the naturally formed caves and prehistoric animal and human fossils in the embedded walls. This captivating coast offers a wide variety of fascinating and stunning sites among which the Castello della Molpa, the Scoglio del Coniglio, the Saracen towers and the Baia del Buon Dormire are the most enchanting. Palinuro is naturally guarded by the Mount Bulgheria, the Mingardo river and the village of San Severino from all its sides.

The "La Notte del Mito" is the special summer event held in Palinuro Italy. During this event the legend of Palinuro is being narrated. The summers are mostly popular in Palinuro for this event, cave excursions and pleasures in beaches.

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