Map of Bergamo City, Italy

Very peaceful and green city of Italy. Having no traffic and pollution in the city, people love to walk along the old lanes. One of the calmest destinations in Italy for those who want to spent some time in harmony and amity.

Bergamo lies in the foothill of the Alps which starts from the north of Bergamo . In early days Bergamo was home to the Cenomianinan Gauls. Bergamo came under Roman Municipality in the year 49 B.C.
Giuseppe Garibaldi freed Bergamo from Austria in the year 1859 and made Bergamo a part of the Kingdom of Italy.

Bergamo has a population of 117,000 persons. Bergamo can be reached by Air, as the nearest airport of Bergamo is the Orio al Serio International Airport.

This town has many things to offer to a visitor. The outskirts of Bergamo are rich in natural beauty, with Alps standing just above it. Apart from the natural beauty Bergamo has also many historical and cultural buildings, which are of interests to the visitors.

The Carrara Academy is a place of major interest as it houses paintings from the Renaissance period, paintings of great painters like Tintoretto, Lotto, Bellini and Titian. Bergamo is noted for its excellence in the culture of Music and is referred to as the birth place of Commedia dell'arte . The Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore is a place to visit and is often liked by visitors for its serenity and silence of the place attracts people. As being the host of Commedia dell'arte one can find shops selling masks which are famous world wide. Bergamo, is an interesting city which moves forward with its ancient essence all over.

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Last Updated on: December 2nd, 2017