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Benin Political Map

by Vishal Kumar

Illustrates the surrounding countries with international borders, 12 department boundaries with their capitals, and the national capital.

Benin Political Map


The Republic of Benin is a country located in West Africa. It covers an area of 43,484 square miles and has an estimated population of 8,791,832.

The Benin Political Map shows the exact location of the country. Located in West Africa, Benin shares its borders with Togo to the west, Nigeria to the east, Bight of Benin to the south, and Burkina Faso and Niger to the north.

The national capital, Porto-Novo is indicated on the map with a red circle enclosed in a square. It is located in the south-eastern region of the Republic of Benin. The total area covered by the capital city is 42.5 square miles.

The largest city of Benin is Cotonou with an estimated population of 761,137. Check other Benin Cities here.

The Benin Political Map also shows the major cities, departments, and other political divisions of the country. The major cities of Benin shown in the map are: Djougou, Banikoara, Bohicon, Cove, Dassa-Zoume, Save, Savalou, Tanguieta, Kouande, and Lokossa.

Benin is divided into twelve departments that are sub-divided into seventy-seven communes. The departments are:

  • Alibori
  • Atakora
  • Atlantique
  • Borgou
  • Collines
  • Donga
  • Kouffo
  • Littoral
  • Mono
  • Oueme
  • Plateau
  • Zou

Benin is a presidential representative democratic republic. The president is both the head of the state and the head of government. Yayi Boni is the current President of Benin. Pascal Koupaki is the Prime Minister of the nation.

Benin achieved independence from France on August 1, 1960.

Department Population Area(km.²) Area(mi.²) Capital
Alibori 521,093 25,683 9,916 Kandi
Atacora 549,417 20,459 7,899 Natitingou
Atlantique 801,683 3,233 1,248 Ouidah
Borgou 724,171 25,310 9,772 Parakou
Collines 535,923 13,561 5,236 Savalou
Couffo 524,586 2,404 928 Dogbo
Donga 350,062 10,691 4,128 Djougou
Littoral 665,100 79 31 Cotonou
Mono 360,037 1,396 539 Lokossa
Oueme 730,772 2,835 1,095 Porto-Novo
Plateau 407,116 1,865 720 Sakete
Zou 599,954 5,106 1,971 Abomey
12 departments 6,769,914 112,622 43,484

Note:   Population: 2002-02-11 census (source [1]).

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