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Benin Geography

by Vishal Kumar

Benin is situated on the western coast of Africa. Benin has a homogeneous landscape throughout the West African country.

The Republic of Benin is located on the west coast of Africa. Benin’s geography exhibits a homogeneity that extends throughout the west African country.

Benin enjoys a tropical climate. The elevation throughout Benin’s geography is approximately the same. The Republic of Benin is located between the Niger River in the northeast of the country to the Bight of Benin in its southern part. The majority of the Benin population lives in the southern part of the country. Major cities like Cotonou exist on the coastal plains of Benin. The northern part of the geography of Benin consists of semi-arid highlands and savanna plains.

The Oueme River flows down the middle of the country. The largest city in Benin is Cotonou. Cotonou is a major port city in the West African region. The coastal area is sandy and has a number of lagoons and lakes. The Atlantic Ocean guards the Benin coast. The southern part of Benin has valleys. A mountain range lies along the northwest border of the country. The landscape of Benin has a frequent scattering of Baobab trees. A few forests exist on the river banks. The reserve forests like the Pendjari National Park attracts adventure tourists from all over the globe.


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