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Benin Flag

by Aakash Singha

Officially adopted on August 1, 1990, the national flag of Benin is a horizontal bicolor of yellow and red with a green vertical band at the hoist.

Benin Flag


Blank Benin Flag

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The national flag of Benin has undergone modifications a number of times. It was first adopted on November 16, 1959, but was abandoned in 1975, upon the succession of the Marxist regime.

Later, when the Marxist regime was removed, the flag was re-introduced on August 1, 1990.

The national flag of Benin consists of three stripes: a green vertical stripe on the left side, a yellow horizontal stripe on top of a red horizontal stripe on the right side of the flag.

The colors used in the flag are traditional Pan-African colors.

The green color of the flag of Benin stands for hope and revival, yellow represents the ongoing preservation of the country’s wealth, and red stands for the strength and courage shown by the nation’s ancestors.

Official Name: Republic of Benin
Proportion: 2:3
Adopted on: August 1, 1990
Location: West Africa is bordered by Togo, Nigeria, Bight of Benin, Burkina Faso, and Niger
Capital City: Porto-Novo
Major Cities: Cotonou, Djougou, Banikoara, Bohicon, Cove, Dassa-Zoume
Area: 43,484 square miles
Population: 9,325,032
Currency: West African CFA franc (XOF)
Official Language: French
National Anthem: The Dawn of a New Day
National symbol(s): leopard
National colors: green, yellow, red
National anthem: The dawn of a new day
Name: “L’Aube Nouvelle” (The Dawn of a New Day)
Lyrics/Music: Gilbert Jean DAGNON

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