Provinces of Belarus

The total number of provinces of Belarus is six. Belarus provinces are also known as oblasts or voblasts. The provinces of Belarus have attained their personal names after the name of the capital city.
The area covered by the provinces is almost same as the capital cities of the respective provinces. An approximate 15% of the Belarus population lives in these provinces at Belarus.

The six provinces in Belarus are as follows:
  • Brest Province
  • Homyel Province
  • Hrodna Province
  • Mahilyow Province
  • Minsk Province
  • Vitsebsk Province
A brief on various Provinces of Belarus
Brest Province: This province borders Poland and Ukraine and lies in the south western part. Two major sightseeing spots in this province are the State National Park Bialowieza Forest and the Brest Fortress. The province has got 16 district cities, 16 rural districts, 3 municipalities and 2195 villages.

Homyel Province: Homyel province is located in the south eastern part bordering Russia and Ukraine. There are a total of 8 municipalities and 21 districts in Homyel Province. It has a national park named Pripyatsky National Park and Paskevich Palace.

Hrodna Province: This province is in the north western part bordering Poland and Lithuania. Major tourist attractions include Muravanka Church Fortress, Novogrudok Castle, Gleb Church and so on.

Mahilyow Province: It is located in the eastern region of Belarus bordering Russia. St. Nicholas Monastery Complex is located in this province. Mogilev and Babruysk are the largest cities of this province.

Minsk Province: A specialty of this province is that it does not share any boundary with any country. Barysau is an important city of the province. The sightseeing spots include Nesvizh Castle, Church complex and Dudutki Park.

Vitsebsk Province: This province is located in the northern part sharing boundary with Russia, Latvia and Lithuania. It has got 11 lakes. The oldest town of Belarus named Polatsk is located here.

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Last Updated on: May 30, 2017