Belarus Weather

The climatic conditions of Belarus range from continental to maritime. The proximity to the Baltic Sea affects the Belarus weather considerably. The winters are usually very cold and the summers are hot and humid.
Belarus weather remains quite unpredictable during the spring and early summer season. The weather conditions of Belarus fluctuate with unexpected snow falls. The temperature remains about 20 ° C.

Generally, the weather of Belarus remains best from May to September. In this season, the temperatures of the day remain between 23-35 ° C during the day and 10 to 23° C during the nights. The average temperatures in January remain about -4° C in the southwest and -8° C in the northeast. The country receives great deal of snow fall from November to March. The ground almost remains covered with snow during this span of the year. Winter days are usually short. July is the warmest month of the year. The average temperature during this time remains about 18 ° C with highest humidity.

The average annual rainfall remains between 550 - 700 mm. Rainfall mainly occurs in July and August. The highlands remain snow covered during most of the year. The ideal time to visit Belarus is around May to September as the weather remains best during this time of the year.

Last Updated on: May 30, 2017