Minsk Province

The Minsk Province lies in the center half of the country of Belarus. The unique feature of Minsk Province is the fact that of all of the six provinces in Belarus, Minsk Province is the only one with no international borders.
The Minsk Province is considered to be the economic and cultural hub of Belarus. The theater halls are found in abundance on the ground of this Belarus province. Of the total area coverage of Belarus, 19.44% falls in the Minsk Province. For the administrative purpose, this particular province has been subdivided into many divisions. The administrative subdivisions of Minsk Province include:
  • 22 districts
  • 22 cities
  • 307 selsovets
  • 20 urbanized settlements
  • 8 city municipalities
Few of the notable cities of Minsk Province include Minsk, Barysau, Maladzyechna, Salihorsk. One of the prides of Minsk Province is its Lake Narach. This lake is recognized as the biggest lake of Belarus. The geographical beauty of Minsk Province attracts large number of tourists from all parts of the world.

Apart from the geographical beauty, the tourists are attracted to Minsk Province because of its historical relics. The city of Barysau reminds the tourists of the site of the battle with Napoleon's army in 1802.

Few of the other attractive sites of Minsk province include:
  • UNESCO monument
  • Church complex
  • Nesvizh Castle
  • Dudutki Park

Last Updated on: May 30, 2017