Brest Province

Belarus is divided into six major provinces. Brest Province is one of them. This province of Belarus is situated in the south-western part of Belarus.
Brest Province of Belarus borders Poland and Ukraine. As per the report of 2003, the total number of inhabitants of Belarus is approximately 1,471,000. Also, it covers a total area of 32,200 square kilometers. The Brest Province in Belarus enjoys a temperate climatic condition. It also has got an international airport. It has a good communication system with Europe and Baltic states.

Brest Province at Belarus also houses a reserve park known as the State National Park Bialowieza Forest. This is the natural abode to several species like roe-deer, wild boar, European bison, beaver, red deer, etc. The Brest Province has got about 80 rivers.

This province in Belarus is divided into 16 district cities, 16 rural districts, 3 municipalities and 2195 villages. The industrial sector of Brest province comprises of food industry, light industry and machines industry. Other industries include various equipments manufacturing industries. The region specializes in cattle rearing for milk and meat products.

There are also a number of historical sites in Brest Province of Belarus having connection with many notable personalities. The region has large reserves of granite.

Crossborder Association 'Euroregion BUG' was joined by Brest Province in the year 1998.

Last Updated on: May 30, 2017