Mahilyow Province

People of different nationalities live in the Mahilyow Province in the eastern part of Belarus. The inhabitants of different nationalities in Mahilyow Province include Belorussians,
Jews, Russians, Ukrainians, Poles, Lithuanians, Gypsies, Tatars and Armenians. The Belorussians form the majority of the population of Mahilyow Province. In Belarus, Mahilyow Province is called by Mahilyow Voblasts.

The administrative subdivisions of the province include:
  • 21 districts
  • 13 cities
  • 195 selsovets
  • 3 city municipalities
  • 12 urbanized settlements
Mogilev is recognized as the administrative center of Mahilyow Province.

The geographical elegance of Mahilyow Province attracts tourists in large numbers from all around the world. Many rivers flow through Mahilyow Province. Some of the rivers that add beauty to Mahilyow Province include:
  • Dnieper
  • Sozh
  • Berezina
  • Pronya
  • Druts
  • Ptych
The Mahilyow Province stretches for 29,000 square kilometers. The Temmy Les Railway Station records as the highest point of Mahilyow Province at an elevation of 239 meters above sea level.

The weather in Mahilyow Province is quite comfortable in the summer. In the winter, the average temperature is -7 degrees centigrade.

Last Updated on: May 30, 2017