Vitsebsk Province

The Vitsebsk Province is located in the northern part of Belarus. The international borders of Vitsebsk Province include countries of Lithuania, Latvia and Russia. The total area of 40,100 square kilometers in Vitsebsk Province covers 19.4% of the total area of Belarus.
The economy of Vitsebsk Province is very rich because of its transport connections with the Baltic countries, Russia, Poland and Ukraine. The foreign investors are attracted in large numbers to Vitsebsk Province because of the congenial business ambiance in the province. The administrative center of Vitsebsk Province is the city of Vitsebsk.

The administrative subdivisions of Vitsebsk Province include:
  • 21 districts
  • 249 selsovets
  • 24 cities
  • 26 urbanized settlements
The geographical beauty of Vitsebsk Province attracts large number of tourists every year to this province. There are 11 notable lakes that flow through Vitsebsk Province. In no other province of Belarus, a tourist can discover so many major lakes. Any tourist, who loves fishing, will find Vitsebsk Province a paradise. The abundance of lakes in Vitsebsk Province provides the ideal opportunity for fishing.

The historical relics in Vitsebsk Province also attract numerous tourists. In this province, the tourists can find the oldest town of Belarus, Polatsk.

The other attractive sites of Vitsebsk Province include:
  • Saviour Transfiguration Church
  • St. Sophia Cathedral

Last Updated on: May 30, 2017