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Portugal Flag

The Portugal National Flag was officially acquired in the year of 1911. With the proportion of 2:3 this Portugal Ensign is comprised with two vertical bands of color tinged with green and red respectively.

Portugal Flag

Flag of Portugal

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The left side band of green occupies the two fifth of the ensign's length, while the right-hand red band adopts the remaining.
A coat of arms with the Portugal's conventional shield is centralized on the Portuguese flag where the two shades of the flag congregate.

Red interprets the Portuguese uprising in 1910 while Green symbolizes optimism. Five blue shields graced with five white dots comprise the white shield.

This blue shields indicates conquest over five Moresque kings while the five dots and cross signifies Christianity.

At the back of the arms a navigation device, observes Prince Henry the Navigator, who initiated the marine expedition of Portugal.

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