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Full name Portugal
Capital City Lisbon
Language Portuguese
Currency Euro
Religion Roman Catholic, Protestant
National Anthem "A Portuguesa"
Newspaper A Bola, Correio da Manha, Diario da Republica, Diario de Noticias, Expresso, Jornal de Noticias, O Jogo, Publico, Record etc.
Places to Visit Douro Valley, Lagos, Lisbon, Conimbriga Ruins, Igreja de Sao Roque, Museu Calouste Gulbenkian, Parque Nacional da Peneda-Geres, Torre de Belem etc are the interesting places that you can visit in this country.
Transport Airways: TAP or Air Portugal offers frequent flights between various places. Bus, train and car are also available for traveling in the counrty.
Shopping You can buy leather goods, ceramic works, handmade silver jewelry, gold jewelry, copper products, embroidery works, woodcarving, utensils ma de of porcelain and china, tapestry, cork products, crystal products, glassworks and so on in cheap prices in this country.

Introduction To Portugal
Portugal has enlisted its name as a member of European Union and also of the United Nations.

It also has membership of Eurozone, NATO and OECD.

Location Of Portugal :
Portugal is located in the southwestern region of the European continent.

Portugal Location in World Map
Spain is the neighboring country that lies on the northeastern side of Portugal. The Atlantic Ocean surrounds the country towards the western and southern regions. Portugal is situated in the lap of Iberian Peninsula.

Portugal Physical Map

Physical Map Of Portugal :
Portugal has mountainous regions in the northern area. The river Tagus River also flows towards the north of the country. The southern region of the country is characterized with pains.

Among the mountain ranges, the tallest peak is the Ponta do Pico or Ponta do Pico Alto that is situated on Ilha do Pico in the Azores Island. It rises almost 2,351 meters above the sea level. The Islands Azores and Madeira covers a considerable area of the country.

Portugal Flag

Flag Of Portugal :
The flag of Portugal is very colorful. It has two vertical bands. The hoist side band is green and the fly side band is red. The green bands covers only two-fifth of the entire flag. However the red portions is three-fourth of the flag. The coat of arms of Portugal is featured in the flag on the margin that separates the two colors.

Climate Of Portugal :
Portugal is characterized with Mediterranean climate. The weather during the months between June and September, remains pleasing and it is the favorite season too the tourists. Avoid the months between November and March. This is the period when Portugal faces heavy rainfall. February is also a very pleasing time. The northern region of the country is known for cold weather and heavy downpour. On the other hand the southern area is known for hot and dry climate.

Flora And Fauna Of Portugal :
•  Flora : The vegetation of Portugal is diverse in character. In the northern forests you can find various species of pine, eucalyptus, chestnut and so on. Oak trees are found in large number towards the center of the country. The southern portion of Portugal is characterized with grasslands and bushes.

•  Fauna : The animal life of Portugal is not so rich like the flora of the country. The coastal regions of the country are known for various species of fishes. Sardines and tuna are the common species here.

People Of Portugal :
The total population of Portugal is almost 10,605,870. The various ethnicities of the country are the black Africans, East Europeans, and some native races and tribes. The official language of the country is Portuguese. However Mirandese is also spoken in some areas of the country.

Art, Culture And Music Of Portugal :
•  Art : Literature is considered a very important section of art in Portugal. Poetry is also an important artistic expression. Besides that some local handicrafts such as leather goods, ceramic works, silver and gold jewelry, copper works, woodcarvings, embroidery and tapestry, porcelain works, china utensils, cork products, crystals, glassworks and so on are also practiced in various regions of Portugal.

•  Culture : Portuguese culture is a reflection of various foreign cultures. Some of the cultural institutions of the country are Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Belém Cultural Center, Serralves Foundation, Casa da Música and so on.

•  Music : Portugal is very popular for its music. Among the modern music forms rock and hip-hop are very popular. Various music bands such as Madredeus, Da Weasel, Moonspell, Wraygunn etc are very famous in the country. However the traditional music and folk music are also practiced in various parts of the country.

Economy Of Portugal :
The economy of Portugal is stable. The country has developed its service sector very much. It enlisted its name as a member of the European Community in the year 1986. The agriculture is also developed. Grain, tomatoes, olives, grapes, potatoes etc are the primary agricultural products. Some of the fast growing industries are textile and footwear industry; wood pulp industry, paper industry, oil refining industry; fish canning industry; rubber and plastic industry and so on. The export materials of the country are primarily machineries, chemicals, clothing, footwear, cork products, paper products and many more. Spain, Germany, France, UK, US and Italy are the main partners of Portugal in this export business.