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Vila-Real Region

by Vishal Kumar

Vila Real is a Region of untold beauty and rich heritage reflected in its culture and architecture. Vila Real is also responsible for the mutual prosperity of the two most important economic areas of Portugal - the crossroads of Trás-os-Montes and the Douro province.

Vila Real, meaning ‘royal town’, is a booming agricultural area in Portugal ideally located on a high tableland surrounded by mountains. In 1895 Vila Real was the first Portuguese town to install electricity.

The peculiar dark gray and black clayware was blackened by wood smoke at the time of slow firing. The pioneer Diogo Cão who in 1482 discovered the entrance to the mouth of the African river Congo was born here. Situated at the confluence of the two rivers -Douro and its tributary, it has forever been a busy commercial and agricultural town, primarily founded around the profitable port and wine merchandise.

Sightseeing in Vila Real

Vila Real is a wonderfully naturally endowed place with a lot of tourist spots for both the history buff and the natural beauty seeker. On all sides of Vila Real, there are many spots worthy of a dekko. From chapels and cathedrals to castles and towers to natural objects whose beauty is as memorable as they are timeless. The southern “Quintas” ( wine lodges) are a reminder of the long-lost Portuguese lifestyle of patient leisurely classic enjoyment of the good life. The celebrated “Cedar Tunnel” formed of cedars tall building around 35 meters promenade as a canopied tunnel.

Accommodations at Vila Real

Vila Real provides bed and breakfasts to the star luxury hotels for the choice of travelers. Almost all have magnificent views of the surrounding nature and are furnished with the latest comforts possible within their price range along with smiling service.

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