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Portugal Weather

by Vishal Kumar

Portugal's Weather varies according to the topographical feature of the land, which can be divided into three main islands, mainland Portugal, Madeira, and the Azores.

Portugal’s Weather is full of variation. Atlantic, Mediterranean, and Continental sets of climatic conditions prevail throughout the country.

Weather in Portugal varies according to the region. Topographical relief, latitudinal position, and closeness to the sea of the particular region affect the climatic condition of that region.

Portugal is basically divided into three parts; Mainland Portugal, Madeira, and the Azores. All three regions have distinguishable topographical features and thus the climate of the three regions varies from each other.

Portugal Climate

The climate in Portugal can be classified into the following categories:

  • Mainland Portugal Weather Summers on the mainland are very hot and dry. Autumns are sunny a comfortable. Winters are comparatively milder than the other European countries. Very little snowfall takes place during the winter. Serra da Estrela Mountains are considered the highest landform on the mainland where the maximum amount of snowfall occurs.
  • Madeira Weather There are several mountain ranges located all over the land. Due to the presence of mountains and the physical position of the land, the weather in this region is subtropical in nature. A mild temperature prevails over the land throughout the year. The maximum temperature in summer is approximately 20°C and the maximum temperature in winter is 18°C.
  • Azores Weather The warm Gulf Stream and the latitudinal position of the island affect its climatic condition. Throughout the year the temperature stays very mild and comfortable.The Mediterranean climate of Portugal causes rainfall during the winters.

    Portugal’s Weather is moderate throughout the year making it possible for tourists to visit the place all year round.

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