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Where is Togo Located?

Togo Location Map Togo  Map Togo  Map
Description : Map showing the location of Togo on the World map. Disclaimer

The country of Togo is in the Africa continent and the latitude and longitude for the country are 8.3357° N, 1.0495° E.

The neighboring countries of Togo are :
  1. Burkina Faso

  Facts About Togo  
Country Name Togo
Capital and largest cityLome
Area56,785 km2 (21,925 sq mi)
Population7,154,237 (2013 estimate)
Lat Long6.1167° N, 1.2167° E
Official LanguageFrench
Calling Code+228
Time ZoneGMT (UTC+0)
Airport1-Airport Scheduled Service
Neighbour CountriesGhana, Benin, Burkina Faso, Gulf of Guinea
CurrencyCFA franc (XOF)

  Location Maps of Cities in Togo  
Last Updated Date: September 17,2020

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