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Togo Travel Guide

Are you wondering where to go for a vacation with your loved ones for a change of air and water? Want to explore the beauty of a savanna land? Then Togo travel will be a wonderful idea to explore the country's scenic beauty along with the vivacity of Togo culture.
Togo is a narrow piece of land, bordering Ghana in the west, the Bight of Benin in the east and Burkin Faso in the north. Togo is located in the south western part of the African continent. However Togo also shares some of its land with the sea and its coastline extends up to 56 kilometers. Lome is the main port of Togo, where international trade is carried out. Every year Togo attracts thousands of visitors to unleash its exotic beauty. The Togo climate is tropical and is humid in the south, whereas the northern Togo observes semiarid climate. May and October are the two rainy seasons in Togo.

Tokoin airport is the famous airport in Togo providing a landing ground various airlines.

If you are a bit budget conscious, then no need to be embarrassed because Accra of Ghana and Cotonou of Benin are some of the airlines offering cheap rates but offering world class service. There are also land Togo transport facilities ready to serve the tourists. Besides minibuses there are also cab facilities proving cheaper than any other means of transport.

So a travel to Togo will lure your heart and will make it a cherish able journey.

The ecstatic natural beauty of Togo and the picturesque beaches have provided a great revenue support to the Togo Tourism Industry, especially after the disturbances in the early 1990. The dismantled financial condition after the disturbances had cut down the development of the Tourism of Togo. A perfect Togo Tour includes flight bookings, hotel bookings and car rentals. Booking a travel guide to Togo is next important step in Togo Tourism. Some of the best hotels for a Togo Vacation are:
  • Mercure Sarakawa Azur Hotel
  • Corinthia Hotel 2 Fevrier
  • Hotel de la Paix
  • Hotel Ahodikpe Eboma
  • Ibis Lome Centre
  • Avenida Hotel
  • Hotel du Golfe
  • Miramar Hotel
  • Palm Beach Hotel
  • Hotel le Benin
An itinerary in Togo Tourism includes numerous Togo sightseeing spots and holiday destinations.

These holiday destinations have become the ultimate resort to peace lovers and honeymoon couples. The edenic beauty of Togo is evident on a tour through the Mandouri hunting reserve. This reserve is situated in the northeastern part of the country. The comely effect of the coastal beaches provide an ever lasting impression and a memory to cherish with. Apart from the various water sports and beach sports, deep sea fishing in the Guinea coast is also a favorite past time in Togo Tourism.

Togo Tours

Togo tours include the sightseeing of all the cities of the country. The country is rich in natural beauty and above all, as it is situated in the western coast of Africa, the beaches are beautiful and there are many water sports that can be done by the tourists.
Tour in Togo is a very good experience as every facility in the country is available in an affordable rate. The cities of Togo like, Lome, Kara, Agbodrafo, Sokode are the tourist attractions of the country. Lome is the capital of Togo and hotels of all types, luxurious and cheap, are available here.

The tour operators of Togo offer many types of packages. There are packages that are according to the budget of the tourists. These packages include all the expenditures of the tour like, transport, stay in good hotels, sightseeing, breakfast-meals- dinner and all that makes a tour an enchanting experience.Togo has coastal lagoons, swampy plains, dense forests and long sandy beaches.

These are the main attractions to the tourists. The country is facing critical political problems but even then, the government is maintaining a balance between the politics and other issues within the country. Togo tours is a good idea for a comfortable and cheap vacation.

Togo Visa

Togo Visa is issued to tourists as well as people coming to Togo for business purpose, which can last up to three months. Visa for Togo is required, when people from different countries wish to visit Togo. It is basically a permission from the Togo Government, which is issued from the Togo Embassy situated in different countries.

A person holding the Visa of Togo can enter Togo at any point during the validity of the Visa. However just like Visas for other countries, for Togo Visa also some important documents are necessary. Passport, 2 copies of passport size photographs, travel tickets and proof of financial earning are absolutely necessary, without which Togo Visa cannot be issued.

To get Togo Visa one must show the valid cause for visiting the place. While visiting for business purpose, it is very important to show the official documents as well. Thus when the documents are in proper order, getting Togo does not require much time. It takes about 2 to 3 working days for the Visa form to get processed.

  Famous Cities to Visit in Togo  
City NamePopulation
Lomé749 700
Sokodé117 811
Kara104 207
Kpalimé95 974
Atakpamé80 683
Bassar61 845
Tsévié55 775
Aného47 579
Mango37 748
Dapaong33 324

Last Updated On : April 02, 2013

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