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Population of Togo

The population of Togo is determined by a special body of the Togo government by means of a national census or demographic measurements. The figures of the population of Togo keep changing every year due to the varying patterns of birth and mortality rates.

Population of Togo Statistics

  • According to the estimations of the year 2006, the population of Togo was around 5,548,702 with a growth rate of about 2.7%.
  • The life expectancy of the population of Togo is approximately 57.4.
  • The rate of infant mortality is 60.6 per 1000.
  • The birth rate is 37 per 1000.

Population of Togo Trends

The UN estimation of the population of Togo in 2000 was 5 million and a growth rate of 3.5 % every year. About one fifth of the population of Togo is found in the capital city of Lome.

Another large part of the population of Togo lives in Kara, a big city in Togo. The population density had attained a figure of 42/sq. mile in the year 1991 and about three fourths of the population of Togo occupied the country villages. Diseases like AIDS has a detrimental effect on the population of Togo.

The population of Togo is one of the many important aspects of Togo geography.

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