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Togo Sightseeing

by Vishal Kumar

Togo Sightseeing attracts the tourists from all over the world. The geographical location and the climate of the country is such that it soothes the tourists from every part of the…

Togo Sightseeing attracts the tourists from all over the world. The geographical location and the climate of the country is such that it soothes the tourists from every part of the world. It is a known fact that the coastal regions are always high in humidity.

Thus, the tourists from the all around the world come to Togo after a good preparation for facing such climate. Sightseeing in Togo includes the trips to all the cities of the country but for a shorter period like, each day for each city.

The largest city of Togo is Lome. Lome Togo is important as it is the capital and also the commercial hub of the country. Though the country is not very big in size and the cities of the country are also quite small but in-spite of that the natural beauty, peaceful environment and the warm hospitality draws the attention of the tourists. Other than, Lome, Kara is another big city of Togo that attracts a lot of tourist attention.

Kara Togo is famous for its dense forests, national park and wild life sanctuary.

The mountain ranges in Togo are situated right in the middle regions of the country. Therefore they can be viewed more or less from all the cities of the country. A country that provides pleasure of sea-beaches along with trekking will always be in the eyes of the tourists for full adventurous tour.

Lome Togo

Lome Togo is an important area of the country for many reasons. The reasons are:

  • The largest city in respect to the area it covers.
  • The city produces most of the agricultural products like, copra, coffee, cocoa seeds.
  • It contributes to the country’s economy from all the sides like, agricultural production, tourists spots and it also has an oil- refinery
  • It has the biggest port of the country.
  • The main trading center of the country is Lome.

Lome History

Lome was founded by the Ewe people in the 18th century. The city was not in this form earlier that is Lome was never such a big city until two British agents came into the city in the mid nineteenth century. They analyzed the climate and other important feature of the city and then programmed everything in such a way that now; Lome is the trading hub of the country, Togo.

Lome Hotels

The city offers all kinds of hotels including luxurious as well as cheap hotels are available here. So, the city is affordable for all types of tourists or outsiders.

Some of the hotels and their status according to the price are as follows:

  • Mercure Sarakawa Azur – Luxurious hotel
  • Corinthia Hotel de 2 Fevrier – Luxurious hotel
  • Palm Beach Hotel – Luxurious hotel
  • Ibis Lome Center – Luxurious hotel
  • Hotel Ahodikpe Eboma – Cheap hotel
  • Avendia hotel – Cheap hotel
  • Hotel du Golfe – Cheap hotel
  • Miramar hotel – Cheap hotel

Lome Attractions

  • Beautiful beaches in Lome that offers many kinds of beach sports.
  • The Togo national museum situated in Palais du Congres.
  • The Lome market is very big and all necessary as well as luxurious products are available.
  • The Lome Cathedral
  • Lome is also a home to Togo history as the countries that ruled on Togo had the main colonies here.

Kara Togo

Kara is the second largest city of Togo. It is the commercial hub after Lome. The transport to all the small cities and villages of the country are available from Kara.Kara Togo is also an tourist attraction while the Togo sightseeing. Kara was earlier known as Lama Togo till the time of British rule. After Togo got independent, the land was renamed as- Kara. Kara in Togo follows the Greenwich mean time. The majority of population of Kara Togo speaks French language as the effect of French colony still exists in Kara. The majority of the population of Togo follows French culture as well as speaks the same language. Other than French, Kara people also speak Kabye, Ewe and Mina.

The national currency of Kara Togo is CFA Frank. The geographical co-ordinates of the city are as follows:

  • Longitude- 1,20000
  • Latitude- 9,55000

Kara neighboring cities in the northern region of the Country, Togo are, Abeokuta in Nigeria, Ibadan in Nigeria and Tamale in Ghana.

Kara hotels offer all kinds of facilities in a comparatively cheaper rate. The city also offers private accommodations and guest houses for the tourists and outsiders in an affordable price. The stay in Kara hotels are very comfortable as all the modern facilities are available here and along with a satisfying number of rooms and suites.

Grand Marche

Grand Marche is the ultimate place in Lome, the capital of Togo, that gives a traveler a clear picture about the basic feature of the multicolored country. Among the hot spots of Togo sightseeing, this is a must visit place for all those shopping freaks out there. The name Grand Marche suggests “big market” and the place its perfectly true to its name. In addition to its size, the Grand Marche is teeming with all sorts of people and is actually a busy spot hounded by locals and tourists. Despite all its cacophony and crowds, the Grand Marche is really worth a see, because of its bright hues and assorted attractions.

Grand Marche Facts

Some words of advice for all those interested in shopping here is, a lot of persistent bargaining with the shop-owners is required.
One of the surprising aspects of Grand Marche, is that most of the market keepers are actually women, who are absolutely skilled in their trade, no matter what it is. The women traders are a little unnerving in their approach and are known as Mama Benz (the name is derived from their favorite car).

Grand Marche sells an entire array of beautiful products from tops with Togo football designs to the most coveted item that is the wax cloth.


Koutammakou is one of the classic spots for Togo sightseeing and this beautiful landscape exists in the northeastern part of the country.

The boundaries of Koutammakou move into the adjacent Benin and it gives refuge to the people known as Batammariba. These people build spectacular mud houses in the shapes of towers and are called Takieta, that have evolved with a special symbolism in the land of Togo. This landscape of Koutammakou strongly attracts nature, that is interred within the very beliefs, rites and rituals of the Togolese society.

Koutammakou Features

Koutammakou basks in the success of being recognized in the list of World Heritage sites, where the place is highly praised for its exceptional qualities. Koutammakou is also described as the land or territory of the Batammariba, known for their rich culture and exotic lifestyle. People here live in the bounty and benevolence of nature that is recognized as a powerful force. Most of the mud buildings have 2 stories. Some are granaries with cylindrical bases and spherical tops. The structural patterns of the building in Koutammakou differ from one another. Where some are constructed with flat roofs, other houses have thatched and conical roofs.

Koutammakou stands as a perfect example of how the Batammariba live in ideal harmony within their natural habitat.

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