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Togo Africa Map

by Vishal Kumar

  Togo, which is an African country, is officially known as Togolese Republic. The President of the country is the chief of the state. The population of Togo as per…

Togo Africa Map


Togo, which is an African country, is officially known as Togolese Republic. The President of the country is the chief of the state. The population of Togo as per the estimate of July 2007 is 5,701,579. The residents of the country are known as Togolese. About 29% of the people of the country are Christians and 20% are Muslims. In the Togo political map, the national capital, Lome, boundaries and other major cities have been indicated.

Political Togo Features

Togo is a country, which is located at West Africa. The geographic coordinates of Togo are 8° North latitude and 1° 10′ East longitude. The country covers a total area of 56,785 kilometers. Agriculture is the major source of economy for Togo. The natural resources of the country consist of limestone, phosphate and marble. The country experiences hot and tropical climate.

Togo Capital

Lome is the capital of Togo. The national capital is indicated in the political printable map of Togo by red square.

Lome is the major port of the country. During the 18th century, the city of Lome was founded. The capital city Lome is positioned at southwestern region of Togo. The geographic coordinates of Lome are 6° 7′ 55″ North latitude and 1° 13′ 22″ East longitude. The capital city is served by Lome airport. The altitude of Lome is 209 feet. Kodjovya, Nyenakpoe, Apeyeme , Gbadago and Kpehenou are the nearby cities of Lome.

Togo Administrative Divisions

The country has been divided into five regions and there are 21 prefectures under the five Togo regions. The regions of the country are Kara, Centrale, Plateaux, Maritime and Savanes. The prefectures of Togo are indicated in the political map of Togo by different colors. The prefectures are numbered and the names are written in the political Togo map. The indicated prefectures are:

  • Zio
  • Golfe
  • Lacs
  • Vo
  • Haho
  • Yoto
  • Wawa
  • Kloto
  • Ogou
  • Amou
  • Nyala
  • Sotoubou
  • Bassar
  • Tchaoudjo
  • Kozah
  • Assoli
  • Doufelgou
  • Binah
  • Keran
  • Tone
  • Oti


The capitals of the prefectures have been indicated in the printable political Togo map by white squares. Some of the prefecture capitals of the country are Vogan, Tsevie, Tabligbo, Kpalime, Notse, Arnlame, Badou, Atakpame, Aotouboua, Sokode. The prefecture boundaries of the country are highlighted in the political map of Togo by black lines.

Togo Boundaries

The neighboring countries and water bodies of the country are indicated clearly in the Togo political and printable map. Benin is located in the eastern part of Togo, Ghana is to the western side of the country and Burkina Faso borders the country in the northern side. Bight of Benin is to the southern part of Togo. The international boundaries are indicated in the Togo map by a specific pattern of black lines.


Region Pop-2010 Pop-1981 Pop-1970 Area(km.²) Area(mi.²) Capital Formal
Centrale 617,871 273,138 298,000 13,182 5,090 Sokode Region Centrale, Region du Centre
Kara 769,940 426,651 235,000 11,631 4,491 Kara Region de la Kara
Maritime 2,599,955 1,040,241 712,000 6,395 2,469 Lome Region Maritime
Plateaux 1,375,165 650,393 472,000 16,974 6,554 Atakpame Region des Plateaux
Savanes 828,224 329,144 239,000 8,603 3,322 Dapaong Region des Savanes
5 regions

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